What is Reactive Dyes Testing Machine?

Reactive Dyes Testing Machine helps to determine the intensity of the color fastness. Reactive dyes are immensely used for the cotton fabrics plus it is an ideal for polyester, cotton, Rayon, Wool, Jute, Viscose, and Flax too. You can perform reactive dye testing for any type of fabric using Reactive Dyes Testing Machine.

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The significant advantage of reactive dyes is: it has good fastness aspects due to the bonding that takes place during fabric dyeing process. But sometimes due to improper reactive dye operation, pigmentation and other quality problems can be seen in the dyeing fabric which need to be tested as well as if you do not check the quality of the dyed fabric, it perhaps face color fastness due to external factors impact such as friction, washing, rain, sea water immersion, sunlight, etc. These all factors demand high quality color fastness aspect which not easy to fade. That you can evaluate by the testing the reactive dye fabric samples using Reactive Dyes Testing Machine.

* Customization is available as per customer’s requirement.