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Rota Dyer Machine

Rotayer has been engaged in manufacturing and supplying Dyeing and Testing Instruments ever since 2004. We are known for Integrity, Modernism and Performance. Our manufacturing team of Dyeing and Testing Instruments continuously endeavors to provide most contemporary instruments to our consumers. Apart from the modern approach our manufacturing team focuses on delivering robust, efficient, low maintenance, low power consumption product to our consumer.

We specialize in Glycerin Bath, H.T.H.P. Beaker Dyeing Machine, HTHP yarn dyeing machine, Automatic Wrap Reel, Motorised Wrap Reel

We have a wide distribution network to assure a prompt delivery of the product and a technical support team to provide technical assistance. Our product ranges of Dyeing and Testing Instruments are Rota Dyer Machine, Dyes Testing Instruments, Rota Beaker Dyeing Machine, Reactive Dyes Testing Machine, Laboratory Vertical Padding Mangle, and Lab Dyeing Machine.


Rota Dyer Machine Dyes Testing Instruments Rota Beaker Dyeing Machine
Reactive Dyes Testing Machine Instrument For Cotton Testing H.T.H.P. Beaker Dyeing Machine
Laboratory Vertical Padding Mangle Instruments For Yarn Testing Atmospheric Beaker Dyeing Machine
Lab Dyeing Machine Fabric Testing Instruments Open Bath Beaker Dyeing Machine
Textile Testing Equipment Rota Beaker Dyeing Machine With Dosing System